Impromptu Gathering: A Concept for a Pre-Check In Option

After using location based check-in services I have wondered why there isn’t a simple method to get people together before you arrive to a location. I want a method to invite friends to get together for a drink today after work, go bowling, or go for a hike tomorrow afternoon. This type of activity is not an event  it’s an impromptu gathering and it’s much more casual. I think it would be perfect for Facebook and here’s a concept for how it would work:

  1. Create a new gathering from the News Feed.
  2. Set the location, date, time, and tag anyone that you want to be notified. You are limited to creating gatherings within the next two days.
  3. When you post the gathering anyone tagged will see it in their News Feed and get a notification according to their settings.
  4. There is no need to respond to the gathering to say you are attending. You can comment on the gathering and everyone else that is tagged can read other comments.
  5. Show up and have a drink!