WTD: iOS 6 Commuting App

With all the criticism around iOS 6 maps, and specifically the outsourcing of transit data to routing apps, I think there is an opportunity to innovate on transit in iOS. While the iOS Google Maps app was great for navigating locations that you aren’t that familiar - what if there was more attention paid to the transit that you use on a regular basis in your daily commute? Here’s a quick sketch:

iOS 6 Transit Sketch

For example, I always take the same bus, train, or ferry everyday. There may be an occasional day when I stay late at work and take a specific bus to get home. I want quick access to those same bus lines without having to go lookup a timetable.

I’m envisioning the new Passbook experience repurposed for transit. You save common routes, busses, or even combinations - the app loads up and checks your location and shows you the relevant ones. It won’t show you the bus that you take to get to work, because it knows you are at work. It then tells you the bus number, time until departure, and where you need to go to grab it. Travelbook?