Downcast Manages Podcasts Perfectly on iOS

Downcast for iPhone & iPad makes consuming podcasts easy and manageable. Search, subscribe, and let Downcast automatically download new episodes, download selectively, or stream them. It keeps track of where you left of on an episode regardless of whether it’s downloaded or streamed.

Apple is partially responsible for making podcasting a success by including them in the iTunes store and building podcast syncing into iTunes. The features in iTunes for iOS for podcasting are currently stripped down. In iOS 5 audio and video podcasts are split between two apps. These apps only hold your podcasts and don’t tell you if there are new episodes. Then you have to switch between apps twice to download and play a new episode.

Apple is likely prioritizing development on iTunes for paying content, as they should, and I’m grateful for their support of podcasting. Downcast solves these issues with a highly customizable podcast app.